Social media as a tool to empower women

What is the impact of social networks as a means to promote and strengthen women's empowerment?

The empowerment of being
When women feel empowered, we can make positive changes in our lives; It is the engine to achieve what we envision and that allows us to transform any situation that comes our way, be it on a personal or professional level, and that drives us to move forward.

Beyond being "fashionable", female empowerment has a much deeper meaning, with women continuing to unite in a "global march" bringing their voices to every part of the world through art, film, theater, writing and the internet, as a reminder that there is still a lot to achieve.

Social media plays a key role in this movement as a powerful tool of empowerment for us.

There are many conversations, discussions, points of view and empowerment campaigns on social networks that have made it possible to easily spread women's rights violations and shorten the distances to unite our voices from every corner of the world. But they are also a means to enrich our lives and our way of thinking.

Access to information and communication empowers us. The use of the internet and social networks represents an opportunity for growth and defense for women; It allows us to get closer and interact with our own gender to enrich ourselves, to know and show our reality, they give us a voice and strength. We hold the power (literally) to transform our lives and the lives of other women.

Social networks help us to fight for gender equality and to report the pay gap, violations of our rights and cases of gender violence that many of us have been victims of. An example of this is #MeToo, the campaign that went viral on social networks to denounce sexual harassment and abuse.

This initiative was born from the people for the people, following the allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein. Actress Allysa Milano was the first to encourage women around the world who have been sexually harassed or abused to share her stories using the hashtag "Me Too" on Twitter. Since its publication, the hashtag has been used more than two million times and has managed to demonstrate the magnitude of the problem faced by girls and women around the world.

Social Networks to Educate and Empower Young Girls We need to empower girls and adolescents who are on social media. We have to reach them to teach them that violence is not normal and that they don't have to get used to it, that they have rights, that they don't have to keep their mouths shut. They need to learn self love, self respect, honesty, feminism, machismo. They must be provided with knowledge and information through technology.

For all this, I invite you to read and share information on social networks for debate, questions, for women's empowerment, and that we join our voices to bring about change and achieve more victories. It is necessary to recognize and strengthen our capacities on an individual and collective level to transform the mindset and way of life of all girls and women in the world. That's my goal! Let's spread this message for the good of more women. Remember that the most effective way is to start with ourselves, from our individuality.