Women can

Women can work, have a career and be independent; but they can also take care of the children and the family while remaining intelligent.

Women can pay for food, write letters and take initiative; they can give chocolates, give serenades and poetry. They can propose marriage on their knees in Paris and give flowers on Valentine's Day.

Women can choose a career over a family, they can be mothers, or they don't want motherhood.
Women can be teachers, secretaries and nurses; but they could also be astronauts, doctors, scientists and architects.

Women can take risks, they can give everything, they can bet on it and fight for what they want. Women can have dreams and make them come true, they can love the sky and deserve the stars.

Women can be strong, but they can also be vulnerable. They can carry a lot of weight on their shoulders, but they can collapse or fall.
Women can quit, but never give up; they may have been distracted, but they became happy.

Women can be powerful, they can run companies, lead teams, build buildings.
Women can break through any barrier, any stereotype, any prejudice.

Women can keep a house in order, but they can also afford disorder; They can work as a team and share the tasks with the man.
Women can get away from it all, and that's fine, having spaces with no strings attached is something they shouldn't stop doing.

Women can take care of everything and everyone, but they can also take care of themselves without being called selfish. They can run a nation, a company, or a salon; women can shine without light around them.

Women can be vulnerable, that doesn't make them weak. They can be strong, that doesn't make them indestructible. Women may suffer, but they have a right to be happy.
Women can dream, they can live, they can enjoy; they can be free, they can choose, they can laugh and they can cry.

Women may not be perfect, they may be sloppy and unkempt; they may be tired and spend all day in pajamas. They can wear red lipstick for no reason, they can wear high heels that want to eat the world.

Women can stand on the bus without a man giving them their place, they can wear skirts without wanting to provoke the opposite sex.
Women can have fun, they can get drunk, they can masturbate; they can ask a guy out, they can pay the hotel, they can go to a bar and they might not know how to cook. Women can buy condoms at the drugstore, not just pads.

Women can support a man who stays at home to take care of the children and the family, they can be housewives or go to work.
Women can fly a plane or plow the land; they can sleep or dream awake.

Women can do ballet or break dance, wear heels or safety boots. Women can put on makeup or go natural. They can work in an office, in a mine or in a construction; they can wear long hair or wear a "masculine" cut.

Women can, women can. We can choose what we want to do, we can choose what to be and what not to be.

Don't let them tell you you can't, because women can, women can.