About us

Elegance and style with a touch of authenticity

Too often the beauty industry is focused on showing beauty from the outside. Nisha & Me wants to help women express their inner beauty, to show it outwardly while embracing their true authentic selves.

The name Nisha is based on a strong and sweet woman who fought cancer until the very end. She's my sister; I want to convey her passion, love, beauty and strength, create a brand that is authentic, a brand that helps women appreciate themselves.

More than just a beauty brand

Nisha & Me believes that at the same time we can work on our passion and still give back to the community. Our company is committed to helping people who need help so that we can make the world a better place. We believe in changing the world one step at a time. Every little effort counts, as long as it comes from the heart.

That's why for every piece you buy, we give a portion of that money directly to people who need help in one way or another. That way, by shopping at Nisha & Me, you can also give back to the community.

A touch of fashion and culture

Our beauty products are chosen with the modern woman in mind. Each piece is carefully selected for quality and elegance. Our prices are more than reasonable, giving you more than just value for money.

Every piece we sell represents our rich culture - a culture whose foundation is loving yourself and being authentic. That's where the real beauty lies.

We give you a touch of fashion and a touch of confidence

From gorgeous necklaces to gorgeous bracelets and beauty kits that help you make the right statement, our products are here to shine the light on you, the real you, so the world can enjoy your beauty.

Nisha & Me is customer oriented. Your satisfaction means a lot to me. That's why each piece is crafted and chosen with love.

Lots of love