Luck & Abundance Rhodonite and tiger&

Luck & Abundance Rhodonite and tiger's eye Wrap Bracelet

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This enchanting tiger eye 5-layer beaded bracelet is tailored for the third eye chakra and awakens your intuition with renewed confidence to take on any new venture.

Tiger's eye also increases the chances of abundance, luck and fortune in various areas of love and money. Tiger's eye displays beautiful golden yellow and brown hues, waiting to become your favorite semi-precious powerful spiritual gemstone.

A large, faceted glittering tiger's eye stone is set in the center strand, surrounded by rows of metal beads, agates, tiger's eye and rhodonite. Luxurious metal beads add a glamorous detail to this rustic beaded bracelet.

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Since the stones are natural materials, the colors and shapes of stones may vary slightly from bracelet to bracelet, making our beautiful handmade items unique.

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